All that you need to know about the new California solar mandate

California’s Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has given the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) approval of its Neighborhood SolarShares community solar programme for the 2019 Building Standards, opening the door to community solar.

Usa is a large hub of solar energy production and we can consider California as it’s heart.California is called golden state because of it’s fabulous solar energy production.Solar energy is also beneficial for the upcoming climate change.California is also a hub for a large number of solar companies from which some leive less charges and some make it to the top.33% electricity in California comes from renewable resources like solar and wind energy.

The solar energy was mainly started in California in 1839 when a French physicist Alexandre Edmond Becquerel came to know about the photovoltaic effect after which the lives was changed and electricity got easier.In those days it was not abig deal as it is now because of the climate change.Apart from other states, California made it’s solar power genrating potential to 100% for which new solar technologies like roof top solar,solar motors and other was introduced.

The state government have done a lot of efforts in making the image of California as a golden state and maintaining it’s solar production not only for the state’s but for the worlds sake too.That’s why the California state government have passed a new bill mandating that all new homes 2020 onwards must have solar electricity system called as California Solar Mandate.So we gonna cover this topic in a very easy way.

What do you mean California solar mandate?

According to the mandate,all new homes built 2020 onwards are required to have solar electricity system installed in their homes.This mandate is applicable to both single family homes and multi family homes.So we can say that in one way solar energy companies are in profit as they are the one who will be called upon to install solar panels in homes.

However, there are some people which are not happy with the solar mandate as not all the people care about climate change want solar panels in their homes.The solar panel also needs to be large enough to meet the annual electricity requirements of the home.However the size can be reduced to some extent by combining it with a powerful solar battery which can also cost you much.

Homeowners have to participate in the programme until 20 years term is over and will receive pretty much advantages and savings.The organisation, which serves Sacramento County and parts of neighboring counties, said that it's programme would guarantee a financial benefit of $10 kW per year for almost 20 years.California government is being more and more laws to make the California solar potential to 100% and other US states like Miami and Texas are also getting inspired by California solar power.

California solar mandate points in short

  • Additional cost to new homes: $8000 aprox
  • Cost in mortgage payments: $40 aprox per month
  • Electricity bill savings: $80 per month which is quite good
  • Net savings: $40 per month, $500 per year aprox and even more if you use brain

Many solar advocates are opposing the new law because the they think it's undermining the California’s Title 24. People are of the fact that  residential rooftop solar can be a much more expensive way to get renewable energy than larger solar and wind installations and that this rule was implemented without any major comment from energy experts,consultants or economists.In one way if we see it,it doesn't effect rich too much but it's expensive for the poor homeowners to install such expensive solar systems.The mandate will produce no additional emission reductions at all.

“We are thankful that the CEC saw the benefits that community solar programs can provide and are excited to launch this first-of-its-kind program,” said SMUD CEO and General Manager Arlen Orchard.


So at the end,we can say that California solar mandate can have good side as well as bad side too.It just depends on how it is implemented and how homeowners face it.Although solar is also saving the world from global warming.So anyway it's good for the environment.

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