Best solar panel companies in india and their average prices

Thinking about Solar panels is the first step you are taking that will lead you to a better path and Buying solar panels could be the best decision not only financially but also environmentally as solar panels have hell lot of advantages and will save you thousands of bucks . Sophistication in technology and the cost is slowly making solar power panels affordable not only for huge institutions but also for individual buyers .

The next big questions is there are lots of brands in market , and what specifications we should look before buying solar panels . This is a very confusing task , for a person who is looking into this for the first time because it requires load of one time investment and not only you everybody think for this before investing this much . Final decision , it will depend on lot of factors for example – power consumed ( in your home ) , maintenance and product’s warranty . In spite of the fact that it is critical to contemplate the specialized parameters of a solar panel, the first step is to learn about the principals of the solar power plant . Introducing a solar plant system includes an immense measure of venture and it is a lifetime choice for your property. It is along these lines, imperative to think on all lines. Measurements, for example, effectiveness, guarantee, temperature coefficient and toughness will go far in choosing the quantity of boards required and the merchant, which will thusly decide the complete capital use.

Below is the list of Solar Panels in India

Luminous 100W/12V Poly Panel

Features –

  1. This Luminous panel is made up of polycrystalline cells , that is it is more efficient and makes more out of it .

  2. Low light performance , it gives low light performance . for example – it also gives us power even when there are clouds or during morning and evening.

  3. Performance Warranty – Warranty period of around twenty five years .

More light absorption – As it got anti-reflective coating which means it will absorbe more light and Will produce more amount of energy .

Specifications –

  1. Output Power: 100 watts

  2. Voltage (Vmax): 19 V

  3. Current (imax): 5.52 amps

  4. Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 22.5 V

  5. Short Circuit Current (isc): 6.09 amps

  6. Dimensions (W*H*D): 1035 x 670 x 34

Patanjali 100 Watt – 12 Volt Poly Panel

Features –

  1. Power Tolerance – This patanjali’s panel have a positive power tolerance upto five watts which means it delivers high output reliability .

  2. Performance warranty – This solar panel offers us with a linear performance warranty of twenty five years and can be extended further .

  3. Efficiency – It provides best efficency when it is mounted on ground , rooftop solar system , can be used in solar street lighting and for water pumping . We can say that this panel is versatile and we can bring this to many works .


  1. Watts : 100 watt

  2. Voltage when at max power: 20.2 V

  3. Current when at max power: 6.19 amps

  4. On Open circuit voltage: 23.3 V

  5. On Short circuit current: 5.2 amps

  6. Total Number of solar cells in panel: Thirty siz units

  7. Solar Panel’s Weight: 8 Kilo grams

Solar Panel’s Dimensions (LxWxH): 66.9 x 3.5 x 100.3 (in cm)

Usha 100 Watt – 12 Volt Poly Panel

Features –

Material – Usha’s 100 Watt – 12 Volt Poly Panel is made up of poly crystalline material , which helps this solar panel to outstand .

Warranty – Usha’s 100 Watt – 12 Volt Poly Panel gives you a warranty period of about ten to twenty five years .

Light Transmission – This solar panel contains glass with anti reflective coating which means more improved light transmission and more production / generation of energy.

Low Light – It is stated that it gives best low light performance whether it is morning or evening .

Specifications –

Watts: 100 watt

Voltage when at max power: 18.83 V

Current when at max power: 5.732 amps

On Open circuit voltage: 22.2 V

On Short circuit current: 5.83 amps

Total Number of solar cells: Thirty six units

Total Weight: 8.40 Kg

Solar Panel’s Dimensions (LxWxH): 1060*660 (in mm)

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