Best solar panel manufacturers in California

Solar power is the transformation of sunlight into kinetic energy and then with help of inverter in solar panel it changes into mechanical energy . Solar panels help us to generate electricity from renewable sources of energy i.e sunlight , which means solar panels are helping us to reserve our natural resources and stopping us from exploitation of natural resources such as coal , petroleum and many more . We are writing this articles on best solar panels to buy , so that we can help you to save natural resources and reserve them for future usage.Solar energy is very popular in USA and California is called golden state mainly because of it’s solar energy potential.Before, the government required all the new homes built after or in 2020 to have solar panels as a must.The second bill was signed by former Governor Brown for setting the maximum goal of California solar energy production.My guess is that there are more bills to come by the California government.

Best Solar Panel Manufacturers in California

Here is a short list of the top manufacturers of solar panels in California . These are some of the most reliable solar panel manufacturers and are helping us to reserve natural resources . These companies ship their products worlwide and we can rely on them as they provide good after sales customer support and their built quality is also good .

  1. SunPower

  2. REC

  3. Panasonic

  4. LG

  5. Q cells

  6. Hyundai Solar

  7. Phono Solar

  8. Risen Energy

  9. JA Solar


This brand is also known as Maxeon solar , This company is a world leader in solar panels with high efficiency and offers a great performance and a warranty of more than 25 years .

These uses the high performance type cells which are the most efficient and best cell technology discovered till day . However , they are costly but are worth every penny .

  1. Power rating* (W): 340W – 400W

Efficiency (%): 19 – 22.6%

  1. Price :100$-980$


LG is declared as one of the best manufacturer with a variety of premium products ,those are reliable and gives you high performance . This is one a very few manufacturer to give you both Quality and good price . Their panels are long lasting , high grading and cheaper .

They are popular all around the globe and are very high in demand , as they are famous all around the globe whether it is USA or Europe . Their Neon 2 panels were first panels to use multiwires busbars to enhance performance and save more energy.

  1. Power rating* (W): 320W – 375W

Efficiency (%): 19.3 – 21.7%

  1. Price : 240$-1380$


It gives you high quality, effective panels which are proven to be very popular . As of this year all of the TwinPeak and N panels comes with a standard 30 years of warranty and gives you an outstanding performance without any hike in price .

They were the first to use half-cut cells , providing higher quality and efficiency . The N series panes gives you high efficiency .

  1. Power rating* (W): 290W – 355W

Efficiency (%): 18 – 21.7%

  1. Power range – 490$-2190$

Q cells

Hanwha Q cells are well known for their high volume panel manufacturing , they offers a wide range of best quality panels for all appliances . The latest G+ Duo panels gives you 30 years of product warranty .

This offers a wide range of panels using mono cells .Peak Duo range using halfcut cells with 9 bus-bars to achieve up to 19.8% efficiency.

  1. Power rating* (W): 270W – 335W

Efficiency (%): 18 – 21.7%

  1. Power range – 433$-2190$


It is a small manufacturer company  a in California offering premium range of panels and which are priced very less . Their panels come with warranty of over 15 years .

Their new 340w panels are going to release in mid 2020 and they are going to be very cheap and will provide higher efficiency and performance .

  1. Power rating* (W): 310W – 335W

Efficiency (%): 18 – 21.7%

  1. Power range – 533$-3190$

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