Top jobs in USA having the highest income

Are you a parent or a student looking for job in usa after graduation ? We have so many options for jobs in usa , and they even pay very well . We collected aroud jobs from the Bureau and also gathered informatios from our surveys so that we can help you choose best paying jobs in usa .

Here are some of the best jobs , that can land you high pay scale in united states of america –

 Dental Hygeinist

This job comes under health care support and is worldwide famous , with goverment support with a median salary of more than $75,000 . You can hear this in every second house about oral hygiene and If you ever had cavities , you must have visited professionals . These use professional equipments to carry out all the bad bacterias from your mouth . Expectation is that it might grow by 19% , with addition of about 30,000 jobs .

– Web Developer

Have you ever heard of online marketing and online portfolio , that will help you to attract your clients and will boost your company’s sales ? Web development is the thing ( career ) you can think about . This comes under Technology industry and if you are lucky enough you will capture around $ 100,000 . You will have to work for this , as in beginning this might act like a pain but it is worth every penny , every second you spend on coding it will help you to get better and better at programming . Starting from web development to android development .

Expected growth rate for Web developer’s job is about 23% with 48,000 jobs in coming 10 years.


This also comes under Health care industry and is famous around the globe as employment rate is really high , doesn’t matter where you are situated . Annual salary is more than Two hundred and eight thousand bucks whereas unemployment rate is negligible . In this you have to cope up with injuries , diseases and deformities . In this kind of high stress jobs . You could save someone’s life and moreover the blessings you get from patient and patient’s family are worth .

According to Colleges in america , surgeon should be resident of america for more than 5 years . Employment rate is going to touch its pinnacle in coming 10 years.

– Optometrist

One more high paying job that also comes under Health and care industry . This is also one of the best high paying jobs in usa . With annual salary of more than one hundred and twelve thousand bucks . Unemployment rate is only 0.2% , that is negligble small . They make sure that your vision is good and your eyes are working perfectly without any stress on eyes and moreover , this job is stress less and gives you loads of money . These eye doctors prescribe lenses , glasses to correct myopia and hypermetropia i.e short sightedness and far sightedness respectively.

Unemployment rate is expected to decrease by 10% in coming decade as of now .


If you are serious about your career and are looking for some best high paying jobs in united states of america than you must try these . These jobs are most famous and even best if you want a green card in united states of america but these require some special skills and hardwork that will pay you in future . If you found this article interesting and want to share someone who is looking for a job in usa then you should share this article .

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